The Emergency Medical Care Level Two (First Aid Level 2) is an outcome based Programme, designed for lay rescuers, first aiders providing services at sports or public events and persons who travel to areas further than 60 minutes from expert medical care. The programme is comprehensive and prepares individuals for almost every type of emergency situation. A valuable certification to hold if you work or are exposed to an environment that presents with high risks for serious injury such as on a sports field, camp or a hike. We would recommend it for the members of a First Aid Club and teachers whom accompany students of camping trips, or people who work closely with the public.

Students receive a course outline, manual, and CPR key ring pouch (equipped with a CPR mouth piece and a set of gloves). Training is conducted at the school premises for ease of logistics.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Principals of emergency care,
  • Principles of safety and emergency scene management
  • Elementary and applied anatomy and physiology
  • Artificial respirations
  • Adult, child and infant CPR
  • Adult, child and infant airway obstruction
  • Shock
  • Chest pain and strokes
  • Fits and Seizures
  • Wounds, bleeding and bandaging
  • Burns
  • Fractures and splints
  • Unconsciousness and fainting
  • Head and spinal injuries
  • Joint injuries and rescue carries
  • Chest injuries
  • Hand and eye injuries
  • Pelvic and abdominal injuries
  • Foreign object management
  • Management of soft tissue injuries
  • Environmental illnesses and injuries
  • Poisoning, bites and stings
  • Multiple injury management

A detailed course outline can be provided on request.

Time Allocation:

21 hours of contact time is required by the department of labour for this programme, this adds up to 3 days.


Students are continuously assessed on practical skills throughout the programme and need to be signed competent on all skill by completion of contact time allocated. Students must achieve competency in all practical skills and a 50% mark on the theoretical component to receive certification.


Students receive an Emergency Medical Care Level Two Certificate on successful completion of the assessment process. The certificate is valid for a period of 3 years, and is accredited by the National Department of Labour.

For more info contact us: training@essmedical.co.za or 072 138 1280